Love being a part of another discipline!! Our own resident Cowboy has been rocking it with his owner Ronna and the team at Oz!

May Sonoma horse park spring classic 1 reserve champion .90 jumpers
Sonoma horse park spring classic II he was champion in .90 jumpers.

Champion .90... jumpers at Oregon Trail Horse Show
Reserve champion .90’s & 1.0 meter @ Willamette Classic
Champion 1.0 meters @ Country Classic

We have 2 horses available for in barn part leases!
1. George
Friesian/Dutch Warmblood, by Roelof V, out of Contango mare
16-year old, black gelding
17.2h, large barrel
Big, comfortable gaits, very majestic looking (think Fabio), more of a goober personality
Wants to please... and is very social, gentle giant, loves everyone, great for adult amateur wanting to have fun with the best boy, he is therapy in a bottle
Very safe and non-spooky, or if he does spook he just freezes with big eyes, more whoa than go, no bolt/buck/rear
Great on trails, in new environments, and with other horses
Inexperienced for his age but a great schoolmaster type
Appropriate for lower level dressage
Available for shows
He is absolutely a barn favorite, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone walk by his stall without saying hi to him.

2. Demara
Hanoverian, by Domiro (Donnerhall) out of Diamont mare
11-year old, chestnut mare
16.1h, large barrel, takes up leg
Big, floaty and smooth gaits, beautiful and round, great at lateral movements
Sensitive and forward, but safe and sensible, easy to go / easy to stop, if you think it she does it
Very brave, not spooky, no bolt/buck/rear
Great on trails, in trailer, and with other horses
Inexperienced for her age but very quick learner
Appropriate for lower level dressage now, mid-level with more training
Available for shows
Mareish? Sometimes, but nothing big. Usually just wants to be loved on. She has a healthy self-esteem and expects to be treated with kindness and respect. In return, she is the horse you would take to war, will try her heart out for her partner, extremely loyal and good work ethic, very affectionate.
Current owner is a young teen who in addition to dressage, rides her bareback, jumps over logs, dresses her up in costumes, and grooms her all day. Super all around horse.

PM me for more details!

From Eurodressage mention for a 2nd place finish in the I-1 at the DevonWood CDI - to FEI weekend high point at Nadine Schwartsman lovely show! A huge thank you to Faxon Equine for the ride!!!! Nadine and Noah your shows are the best!

A big thank you to Jenny Powers of Powers Equine for ...the high point award!

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